Micro coaxial with FEP Jacket

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Details about Micro coaxial with FEP Jacket

Generic Name Micro coaxial
Flex Type Flexible
Impedance 50 Ohm
Dielectric Type PTFE
Velocity of Propagation 70 %
Jacket Diameter 1.13mm
Jacket Material FEP
No. of Shields 1
Attenuation at 1 Ghz. 29.15 dB
Frequency, Max 1 GHz
Max Operating Temperature 200 deg C
Center Conductor Type Stranded
Inner Conductor, Number of Strands 7
Coax Type Coax

What is micro coaxial?

Micro coaxial from New Hope  has a uniform characteristic impedance, low loss, low transmission delay, and minimum attenuation.New Hope micro coaxial is 50 Ohm and has a PTFE dielectric. It covers rf-0.81,rf-0.98,rf-1.13,rf1.132,rf-1.37 , most have a shield count of 1, but rf-1.32 has 2 shield.

What is micro coaxial cable used for?

Micro coaxial cable is mainly used to transmit RF  signals in radio communication, electronic network, medical instrument, and other related electronic equipment under high temperatures.

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