RF1.13 Coaxial Assembly IPEX RP SMA Male

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Details about RF1.13 Coaxial Assembly IPEX RP SMA Male

Impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range DC-6Ghz
VSWR 1.3 max
Voltage 60V AC(rms)
Insulation Resisitance 500 M Ohm min.
Insertion Loss 0.3dB max. at 1.0 GHZ/0.5DB max. at 2.0 GHZ
Bodies Brass–gold/nickel plating
Pin contacts Brass–gold plating
Socket contacts Copper-beryllium alloy–Au plating
Insulator PTFE
Cable type 0.81mm,1.13mm,1.37mm,RG178,RG174,RG316,RG58,LMR195,LMR240,LMR400,Semi-rigid,semi-flexible,super flexible, Formable,etc
Application smartphone,tablet PC,wifi antenna,GPS antenna, RF device etc
Temperature range -40°C to +80°C/200°C

 IPEX RP SMA Male  connector is suitable for RG174,RG58,RG316 and other cable with sma connector,the cable assembly can have good characteristics.

Available in various kinds of cable assemblies

 Customized lengths are accepted.

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