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Details about Cat 6 Cable

Item CAT6  ethernet patch cord cable
Conductor BC
Version CAT 6 cable
Shielding SSTP
Insulation HDPE
Jacket PVC/PE
Number Of Conductor 4Pairs
Data transfer rate 10GBase-T
Rated temperature 75 ° C
Certificates CE, RoHS, Fluke test passed
Application Computer and other Internet devices
Packaging PE bag/Blister bag/Carton box etc
Customizing Color of PVC jacket, words on cable & packaging customized on customers’ request

What is cat6 cable?

Cat 6 cable form New Hope is a Class E cable. Supports data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps at a peak bandwidth frequency of 250Mhz. CAT6 cable is certified for a maximum range of 100 meters, though due to crosstalk at 10Gbps it is reliably used for a maximum of 55 meters’ transmissions

What is cat6 used for?


Cat 6  ethernet cable carries a drain wire that works with the cable shielding for effective grounding,Cat6 ethernet  cable is mainly used for industrial applications, outdoor and large-scale networks requiring high data transfers over long distances.

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