CAT5  Ethernet Cable

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Details about CAT5  Ethernet Cable

Item CAT5  ethernet patch cord cable
Conductor BC
Version CAT5
Shielding UTP
Insulation HDPE
Jacket PVC/PE
Number Of Conductor 4Pairs
AWG 24/26/28AWG
Data transfer rate 1000Base-TX
Rated temperature 75 ° C
Certificates CE, RoHS, Fluke test passed
Application Computer and other Internet devices
Packaging PE bag/Blister bag/Carton box etc
Customizing Color of PVC jacket, words on cable & packaging customized on customers’ request

What is cat5  cable?

Cat5 ethernet cable form New Hope is with Single copper conductor, polyethylene insulation, PVC, PE, or low halogen-free sheath are adopted. Cat 5 cable is available as horizontal patch cable.It consists of 4 twisted pairs that are shielded.The center conductor in each wire is AWG 26 and made from 7 strands of bare copper.

What is cat5 cable used for?


Cat5 is mainly used for the horizontal wiring or backbone network wiring of ISDN, tm155mbps, 622Mbps, 1000Mbps, and Gigabit Ethernet.Cat5 wiring also carries a drain wire that works with the cable shielding for effective grounding.

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