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7 Tips For Purchasing Cable and Wires–Tell you how to buy cable and wires easier

  When you want to purchase cable and wires, maybe you have a lot of doubts. Here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing cables, maybe can help you.  

1.Choose Right Cable Type

  The voltage, power, and electrical performance of different cables are different, and the application scenarios are also different. Therefore, before purchasing cables, you should select the appropriate cable type according to your own application needs.

2.Select High-Quality Cable Suppliers

  There are many cable suppliers with different scales, production capacity, price, and service. Purchasing should choose suitable suppliers according to their own purchasing needs. New Hope is a best Chinese supplier.

3.Don’t Just Look At The Price

  Many novice buyers only pay attention to the price, but the price is only one aspect. They should pay more attention to what you get at this price, the product’s quality, and the service. Don’t suffer a significant loss because of a little lower price.

4.Don’t Think The Material Of The Supplier Is Similar

  The main components of cables are generally copper, PVC, and PE materials. The prices of primary copper and recycled copper have much difference; PVC and PE materials also like this.

5.Sample Or Small Trial Order Is Necessary

  When you decide to purchase, you’d better ask the supplier to provide samples. If it’s a customized product, you can place a small order first. Then you can inspect and test the appearance, size, and performance of the cable.

6.After-Sales Service Is Essential

  If the supplier can provide professional and timely service, it can solve a series of after-sales problems. So not only solves our worries but also improves the user experience, which is more conducive to the later business expansion.

7.Visit The Factory

  At the necessary time, you can visit the factory. You can see all you want to see. Also, have direct communication with suppliers to enhance mutual understanding, enhancing cooperation.
Anna Zhou

Anna Zhou

Hi, I am Anna Zhou, the founder of New Hope; I have been running a cable factory in China for 10 years. I will share with you more knowledge and purchase tips about cable and wires from a Chinese supplier's perspective.

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